Contact Person: Peter Servatius

Drumming has an impact on everyone, without exception!
The drum is a magical tool that has been used for thousands of years in all cultures of the world. One of my most heartfelt purposes is, to introduce as many people as possible to the incredible power of the drum and of drumming. If you haven't tried it yet, here's your opportunity!

Besides the below mentioned activities, I frequently use my drums in therapy.
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Building / Sale of Drums

Besides my counselling and shamanic work, I am a gifted craftsman wit various skills. What I love most and from deep within my heart is the creating of drums. The drum is a powerful tool that can create amazing effects on people. My drum making is inspired by native Americans, especially from Blackfoot people in Alberta, Canada.

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Drumbuilding Seminars

If you want the deepest possible connection to your drum, you can join one of my very unique drumbuilding seminars here at Wildheart-Center in Denmark. If you want to organize a drumbuilding seminar at your place (4 people required),you are welcome to contact me, so we can discuss about an individual drumbuilding seminar for you and your friends.

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Since 2016 I offer drum events in different places, where it's about  introducing people to the power of drumming. Already in these short meetings, the participants feel very quickly, which forces unfold when I drum.
The drumming events can include drum guided meditations, drumming journeys or a drumming all together on my big pow-wow drum.

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