På dette trommebygningskursus guide jeg (Peter) dig i en meget respektfuld måde at opbygge din egen tromme. Disse trommer kan bruges til alle formål, inkl. svedehytte ceremonier. Kursus vil foregår på engelsk og derfor fortsætter jeg min beskrivelse på engelsk:

On these one and a half days I (Peter) will guide you in English language and in a very respectful way, to build your own drum. These drums will work for all purposes, including sweatlodge ceremonies and shamanic work. We will include all aspects of our life, the spiritual, the emotional, the intellectual and the physical, to make us a beautiful and powerful tool.

This seminar is over now and below are some impressions of this nice time.

If you’d like to see more examples of the beautiful drums I made, please take a look at

The next possibility to build your own personal, you will find by klicking here for more information.

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