Balance & health (2)

There needs to be a balance between the spritual, the emotional, the intellectual and the physical parts of us.
Only then we can live a healthy and happy life.

Our lives need to be balanced in order to be happy and healthy

Spirituality – it’s one of the four quarters of a human being besides the mental, the emotional and the physical part. Spirituality is very important for every one of us in order to have a balanced live, but often it is neglected in our modern societies. Spirituality of human beings is expressed and lived in many various ways and a lot of us mix organized religions with spirituality. There is a difference in religion and spirituality because religions have a frame and are dogmatic while pure spirituality has none of these. Many people belong to a religion and go to certain places or buildings to worship but are they spiritual people? I think living a spiritual life does not require an organization or a fixed place to go to. If we understand the true meaning of spirituality we can be part of a religion, we can go to certain places but we don’t need to.

So what really is our spirituality? I think true spirituality is a person’s living relationship with a greater power and the understanding that everything in our universe is connected. True spirituality is not something we practise every Sunday in church (or similar), true spirituality is something we practise in our daily lives. Most important is a general attitude that is evolving basically from love, but also from honesty, trust, faith and hope. Our spirituality is expressed in the way we treat the people around us, how we treat the plants, the animals, the water, the air and our mother earth because all is connected and we are connected to all.

I wrote above here about this greater power that we have many different names for, names like God, Allah, Buddha, Great mystery and many more. For myself I use the word “creator” that’s why I’ll use this word here too. If we want to we can see the creator in many various ways, in the plants, the flowers, the trees and the animals may it be small or large ones. If we want to, we can see him in everything. This can be a caring person, a gently smiling old woman or the wonder of a new born baby. If we really want to, we can see the creator and all the spirits that surrounds us. If we truly calm down, become present in the moment with all our senses and open up, we can feel the spirits of the trees, the rocks, the earth, the wind and the rain in all their sacredness.

In order to have a healthy and vital life you need to have spirituality integrated in your daily life. There needs to be certain values and believes in our lives that we live by and strive to achieve. Spirituality in our daily live will strengthen us in many ways and will support us to living more happy. Our personal relationships are reflections of our spirituality. These are the relationships to ourselves, our families, friends, colleagues and so on. We can make a self check by taking a close look at how we treat ourselves and others in times where nobody else is looking. This gives a good sense of how we live our own spirituality.

Nowadays more and more people get distracted by materialism. Many of us think they need more and more material things in order to get happy. In most cases it’s short time happiness because this focus on material wealth leaves us feeling empty inside. By this many people are getting further and further apart from their spiritual life. A lot of people don’t really look at who you really are but what you have. So, what is left from you if you loose all your material wealth? I have seen quite some people turning around after they found out about their inner emptiness, this hole that can’t be filled by any house, car, flat screen TV or smart-phone or whatever. Some of them stopped collecting material items and started to share, started to care for the ones in need, started on their spiritual path and live a much happier life.

We people need to have something to believe in, a higher power we can give thanks to, that we can pray to and that we can worship. This is a very important part of our being.