Clean out your subconscious mind and increase happiness!

We all have them, subconscious programs which are just running after they have been triggered. Here’s more about it, how they influence our behaviour and how hypnotherapy will help to make changes to the better.

So, you are going to work every day? Every day the same route? Did you ever arrive at work and wondered how you got there? It’s your subconscious programmings that got you there.

What does that have to do with living more happy? Quite a lot, so let’s see…

Our subconscious mind controls around 80 to 90 percent of our everyday actions. Our subconscious mind also contains programs which are sometimes controlling us in a negative way. There are easy ways to get over these and to live much more happy and balanced.

Everybody has it

We all have them, these subconscious programs which are just running after they have been triggered. Many of these programs are trained behavior, actions that we repeat a lot of times, like this drive to work, mentioned earlier. Some of these programs are set by just a single but significant incident. I have these programs, you have these, really everyone and they can be positive, neutral or negative ones.

The positive ones are such as when we as a baby cries out and our parents care for us, this will make us feel confident for our whole life.

A neutral one is for example when the traffic light turns green and automatically we are walking, or the above mentioned routine of getting to work. When we are driving a car, we do not think about that we need to turn the wheel in order to go left or right, we just do it. We are doing a lot of things without even consciously thinking about what we do.

It’s natural

It’s just natural, that there are also subconscious programs which are negative, like when you as a young one got bitten by a dog, it’s very likely that you will subconsciously react on any other dog from that day on. One of my clients was freaking out whenever there was a door slamming in her house. Under hypnosis we found out that she got beaten by his mom as a kid and many times before she was beating him up, she slammed the door. This was the connection that his subconscious mind saved and kept as a negative program. The most tragically programming are such where people got hurt in a relationship and subconsciously are developing a “safe” place, a wall around them which protects them from loving again. But they miss out on a variety of really good experiences.

One base for a balanced and happy life is that we know ourselves as good as possible. I know, there are always new things to discover and the older we get, the more we discover. But on the path of growing older we need to know our strengths and our weaknesses as well as our darker sides, which are part of each and every one of us. These dark sides include our subconscious programming, which we need to explore as much as possible.

It helps us a lot if to know about our subconscious programs, or at least to know our most common ones. Frequently it’s time to clean out in our subconscious mind, to dust off, to rearrange. There are many programs running which are not serving us in a good way and that needs to be changed. Hypnosis is a fast and very easy way to do that. In hypnotherapy we enable the client to reprogram these negative subconscious programs or to disconnect them from the triggering action. This way people can live a lot easier and a much happier life.

How do we get these programing? Every experience in our life has the potential to be transferred into a program. Many of these programs are created in our childhood. Especially from a couple of months before we are born until the age of 6 years our subconscious mind will take experiences directly and unfiltered into programs and conditionings. Later in our lives it gets a bit more difficult but significant experiences often easily turn into programs (neutral, positive negative). There can be just one single inconvenient experience that can change our life and keep us from making many good experiences. How many of us are scared of spiders, mice, dogs, snails, people and yes, even scared of love.

The past cannot hurt you – it’s all in your thoughts!

The issue is, that our subconscious mind is saving everything but does not know the concept of time. When our senses are noticing something, our subconscious mind compares is to its experience. Then, based on that saved experience, it sends (sometimes old and outdated) information to our conscious mind which is then acting out of that experience, no matter how old this experience is.

One example: Our partner is not coming home at the time we were expecting him/her. Our subconscious mind looks into its archive and finds an old experience where the partner was coming home late because he/she was with another one and cheating on us. That’s how the whole old program starts running. Our thoughts are getting crazy and we get angry and sad and imagine worse scenarios. At the end our partner eventually comes home, feels sorry for the missed time with us and just got later off work and stuck in heavy traffic, that’s all.

Of cause, our subconscious memory is something really wonderful and these programs are helping us tremendously in many different situations, for example when we are about to get into a dangerous situation. But it can also have very negative effects on us if the information does not suit the actual situation. This is why we need to check ourselves for these kinds of programs frequently. And the way to solve it is not too difficult to detect and change them.

Closer look?

So, if all this makes sense to you and you are open to take a closer look, you might ask yourself how to work on these programs. The first big step to grow out of these programs and patterns is always to first detect them. That requires nothing more than awareness and the ability to reflect on ourselves and to observe ourselves from a higher perspective. We need to take a close look at ourselves and our reactions to small everyday things or actions. Every time when a small minor action triggers strong and sometimes irrational emotions, there is most likely a subconscious program running. If these upcoming emotions are negative, there is a negative subconscious program behind it. The triggers can be very small and subtle things, a smell, a noise or an action of somebody else and a lot of times we need to be pretty aware in order to detect these.

Sometimes people close to us can also be of great help to detect negative patterns. It will already help enormously once we simply start to know our programs or at least some of them. For sure we will frequently find more, the older we get. It is a huge breakthrough when we can stand there and say: “I am completely angry right now, but it has nothing to do with the actual situation”. The second step is then, to change the program.

Here’s a tool:

Hypnotherapy is a strong and easy tool to work on these kinds of issues and I can help with that. If you don’t know your subconcious programs, it will be easy to find these under hypnosis. You will be guided in a respectful and caring way to the emotions that are connected to these programs and the thoughts/actions that created these emotions. Then together we will change these patterns in a positive way so that they will have no more subconscious negative impact on you.