Contact Person: Peter Servatius

Important announcement:

In spring 2018 I decided to continue deepening my (American-) Indian path. In the summer of 2018 I started a four-year phase of intensive self-development, in which I will deeply look inside myself, while I concentrate my energy on the development of my handyman service. For this reason, only in urgent exceptional cases I will take in new clients in the period from 2018 to 2022.

Everything related to drum building and drum evenings continues as usual.


Often, there is no apparent cause that we do not feel well, that we are blocking ourselves in making progress in our lives. This can be an indication that something on an energetic level has gotten out of balance. Here I can help you in quite simple traditional ways with some shamanic practices. My practices and ceremonies are based on a solid foundation of down-to-earth spirituality, inspired by North American Indians, ancient European practices, as well as other carefully selected practices. All of these have been proven over centuries. Preferably, but not exclusively, I do the following:


With Clearing, I offer you a very old, quite simple and yet extremely effective way to detect and resolve energetic blockages in you and in your energy field. By using this ancient technique, we can quickly restore your energetic balance and as a result you will feel better on all other levels as well.

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Besides the drum, nature is the greatest, simplest and most effective healer for many things that burden us humans. The positive, stress-reducing effect of the forest on humans has meanwhile been proven scientifically, we just have to open up for it and take the time to indulge ourselves in the forces of nature and I will support, guide and accompany you carefully in this.

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Drumming has an impact on everyone, without exception!
For thousands of years people have used drums to work on a wide variety of problems as well as just for having fun. Especially the monotonous, shamanic drumming causes an opening in every human being, spreads peace, inner peace and often also gives access to important topics which are currently waiting to get processed.

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