With Clearing, I offer you a very old, quite simple and yet extremely effective way to detect and resolve energetic blockages in you and in your energy field. By using this ancient technique, we can quickly restore your energetic balance and as a result you will feel better on all other levels as well.

If you feel unbalanced, if you have physical, emotional, mental or spiritual difficulties, the cause may be energy blockages. With ancient practices I will guide you and help you to remove these blockages. Clearings or other selected shamanic practices will effectively support your path to a balanced life.

Blockades usually arise as a protective mechanism in problematic situations, where they initially serve as a survival strategy. Often this happens already in our childhood. Most of these blockages are not serving us in the long run, e.g. in relationships, at work, or in our self-development. So as our life continues, these blockages can cause anxieties, phobias, depression, and other sufferings, and hinder people from living a happy life with inner growth.

During the clearing, we will, in a kind of fantasy journey, locate your blockages together and I will guide you through the solution process, as long as you are ready to resolve that blockage. Although there is a fair chance of resolving the issue in a single session, I recommend that you schedule three to four sessions. In doing so, I often combine the course with hypnotherapy to offer you the most effective solution.

Contact Person: Peter Servatius