Drumming has an impact on everyone, without exception!
For thousands of years people have used drums to work on a wide variety of problems as well as just for having fun. Especially the monotonous, shamanic drumming causes an opening in every human being, spreads peace, inner peace and often also gives access to important topics which are currently waiting to get processed.

Not always, but more and more often I use the drum in my sessions and the drum is an equally simple and absolutely effective tool in my therapy. You will be amazed how intense and positive you will react to the sound of my drum. In some cases, we will go out into nature to further enhance the effect of the drum. But inside too, the drum is extremely helpful in many situations.

While I drum for you, I am guided intuitively. I will direct my drum to certain parts of your body, on some I stay longer than on others. The places I drum to will always be places where something is sitting, something that what wants to be worked on and to get solved. Let yourself be surprised how the drum affects you.

When I'm drumming for you, you'll find:

- Immediate rest and stress reduction
- Connection to your higher self
- An opening of your heart
- The detection of obstructive patterns of behavior
- Solutions to existing problems
- Even more inner peace

Contact Person: Peter Servatius