Besides the drum, nature is the greatest, simplest and most effective healer for many things that burden us humans. The positive, stress-reducing effect of the forest on humans has meanwhile been proven scientifically, we just have to open up for it and take the time to indulge ourselves in the forces of nature and I will support, guide and accompany you carefully in this.

It is undisputed that a close bond with nature does us humans extremely well. Meanwhile, it has been scientifically proven that the forest has a stress-reducing effect on us and strengthens our immune system.

But if we dive deeper into nature, we can find much more there. We find a deeper connection to ourselves and feel clearly that we are connected to everything, we find peace, strength, ideas and answers to many of our questions.

What I call natural therapy is not on any syllabus, there is no school for it, there is no diploma and yet, you will be professionally assisted to achieve the desired result, be it on a psychical, physical, emotional or spiritual level.

In particular, natural therapy helps you if you:

- To find inner peace
- Want to reduce stress
- Want to find / find your true identity
- Want to find your own personal way in life
- Want to strengthen your intuition
- Just want to strengthen your connection to nature

Contact Person: Peter Servatius