Counseling & Therapy

Contact Person: Peter Servatius

Important announcement:

In spring 2018 I decided to continue deepening my (American-) Indian path. In the summer of 2018 I started a four-year phase of intensive self-development, in which I will deeply look inside myself, while I concentrate my energy on the development of my handyman service. For this reason, only in urgent exceptional cases I will take in new clients in the period from 2018 to 2022.

Everything related to drum building and drum evenings continues as usual.

Intuitive Life Counseling

If you don't make your desired progress in life, if you don't know exactly in which direction you would like to go, if you reached a point where you can't sense your true self, your wild-heart anymore or if you just can't find your true path in life, I will gladly support you to get back on your own personal tracks.

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Coping with Crisis

We all go through some crises in life. If we use our crises properly, something great can develop from that. All our crises carry the potential to help us to mature and bring us further to our true self. Especially, if you are in front of, or in a midlife crisis, I can guide you with various tools and extensive experience through the crisis and closer to yourself.

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With Hypnotherapy I offer you a wonderful and simple tool to solve different topics that we all need to solve at some point in our lives, in order to live healthy and happy. If you are having trouble solving your challenges or if you cannot find the true cause, then hypnotherapy will help you quickly.

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