Coping with Crises

We all go through some crises in life. If we use our crises properly, something great can develop from that. All our crises carry the potential to help us to mature and bring us further to our true self. Especially, if you are in front of, or in a midlife crisis, I can guide you with various tools and extensive experience through the crisis and closer to yourself.

In your crisis, I will be support and escort you compassionately on your path and my intuition will bring us the right tools at the right time. This way I will help you to find to a balanced and happy life.

The focus of my work in this area is:

- Midlife crisis
- Identity crisis
- Separation, divorce
- Loss of a partner

Even in my work in this area, I follow no fixed pattern or a specific course of therapy. Instead, I am always guided by my strong intuition to find the right method at the right time.

Contact Person: Peter Servatius