Happyness instructor, teacher in unconditional love

My name is Drover. I am an Australian Shepherd, born in 2013, as the oldest of a flock of five. When I was 8 weeks old we were visited by 2 people who “just wanted to look at us”. I immediately noticed that these were some good people, and therefore decided that they should be mine. I have not for a single moment regretted that decision.

The little house in Them, Denmark

My upbringing in the house in Them has always been characterized by togetherness, contact and security, which together with my good genes, has led to my exceptional, amazing and balanced personality.


Area of responsibility

My area of work at Wildheart Center is to keep a close eye on EVERYTHING that goes on in and around the house. I am the first to welcome guests and offer live joy and happiness training. My absolute core competence is unconditional love.

Outlook to the future

My future dream is to train myself as a therapy dog and thus become an even stronger part of Wildheart-Center.