Heartful Community
Valuable meetings from the heart
Heart-based community in a safe and trusted environment
In our genes, we are still partly cavemen and are longing for deep connection and a strong society. That’s exactly what you find here.
Talking Circle
"The Hub"

“The Hub” is an open talking circle (online and real meetings) where we take advantage of the healing energy of the spoken word. 

You will meet like-minded, open and caring people and each of us will be able to speak out whatever comes up and needs healing.

The Hub gives you a safe and supporting frame, where everything will become possible.


We are frequently holding different kinds of ceremonies, like traditional sweatlodges, talking circles, healing ceremonies or ceremonies for the dead or dying.

Some of these ceremonies we do advertise and there are some, that we do not advertise, because they are part of the Blackfoot tradition (native American nation in Canada) that we are committed to.

Support Network
Midlife Crisis

Many people feel simply lonely, when they are facing their midlife crisis. I have decided to offer a brand new social network, where it’s all about the topic midlife crisis.

This network is for all of you, the ones in a midlife crisis, the ones who have already gone through it and also the ones who still think they will not get into one. Chances are high that you will, so you better prepare.