I was born and raised in a small town in Germany, survived between three older sisters, and am a very sensitive person with a good intuition and a strong connection to my emotions. I have had a pretty good childhood, but have also experienced some things that have given me some tasks in life to solve. All of these experiences were just preparations and blessings to help me in my later life. Besides a lot of other things, I have learned many of the “old values” from my father and I still live by most of these values.

Many different abilities

I am a so-called “Multipotentialite” which means that I am blessed with many talents in many different areas which from the outside can seem incompatible. In addition to my skills in working with people, I have many craftsmanship skills and the one I love the most is building hand drums. My craftsmanship is also manifested through “Peter’s Helping Hands”, which is a branch of Wildheart-Center.

I consider myself a very lucky person as am able to integrate so many of my abilities into my daily life. By giving space to all of these areas in my life, i live in balance and harmony between the spiritual, the emotional, the intellectual and the physical aspects of my life, which is my way to stay true to my own, personal path.

Strength and clarity in nature

I spend as much of my time as possible in nature, especially in the woods and always find strength and clarity here when things in life get difficult. The forest means a lot to me and it is there, and in nature in general, that I easiest get into contact with my true self. I believe the forest is one of the best healers we have available.

The connection of the heart

In my path through life, I am never completely caught up in certain paths or systems (belief systems, lifestyles, trends, etc.). I take what feels right for me and leave the rest. However, much of my inspiration comes from the indigenous peoples of Canada, mainly the Blackfoot nation, where I spent a lot of time, during many summers.

Own experiences

On my way through this wonderful life, I myself have undergone many changes. I have experienced many things, such as really good and also some strange relationships, a divorce, midway crisis, burn-out and loss of my beloved father. My current relationship has not always just been easy either, and we have spent time and hard work getting it running really well. I know a little about what life is all about and how difficult it can be, but also how uplifting changes can be. I have raised 4 children before I got divorced and have grown a lot in all of this. I have maintained an open heart, seeing what others need and often also where their challenges lie.


Since my teen-age years, I was always interested in the people around me and I have supported many of them in their challenges. From 1997 onwards, I searched deeper into the meaning of life, and meant learning and working with shamanistic techniques and methods. I attended several seminars on the knowledge and wisdom of Native Americans. In addition, there were several seminars on shamanic and energetic work with various teachers in Germany and Denmark. Since 2000, I have learned directly from Native Americans and since 2004 I found my home in the Blackfoot culture. Since 2007 i have spent 4-8 weeks per year with them. I was invited to attend several different ceremonies and learned a lot about these. I also learned that it is not appropriate and respectful to describe these in order to promote myself. So therefore, I will not write more about it.

In 2009, I really started working with and for other people to support them on their path in life. I have for many years been fascinated by the therapeutic use of hypnosis and in 2012 I found a wonderful teacher and became a certified hypnotherapist according to NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) standards.