Heartful Counseling
Move to your next level
Get the individual care that you deserve

Lost your path or direction? I know exacly how that feels. Just know that there is something beautiful waiting for you, if you dare to walk the path of your heart and your higher self.

No matter at what point in life you are in, you’re welcome to come for my support. Especially if you are in a midlife crisis, or if you want to find out how to avoid a midlife crisis, you are always welcome.

Intuitive life counseling means to me, that we do not follow a preconceived concept. Instead I customize the contents of our sessions individually and intuitively to your very own needs. This individuality allows you to work on exactly the topics that are right for you during that specific session.

A session always starts with a conversation in which I get an accurate picture of what’s on your mind right now. As I listen to you intensely, I often get clear, intuitive impulses about where the deeper problem lies and what a solution might look like.

Together, we will discuss what to do and we will choose the one of my practices that fits best on that day. Often I give you a task to do for yourself, which specifically supports you in your daily life and brings you on your way.

It is very important for the success that additionally to our meetings, you take responsibility and work self-dependent to reach your goal.

Intuitive Life Counseling

If you don’t make your desired progress in life, if you feel lost, if you reached a point where you can’t sense your true self (your wild-heart) anymore or if you just can’t find your true path in life, I will gladly support you to get back on your own individual tracks.

Coping With Crises

We all go through some crises in life. If we use our crises properly, something great can develop from that. All our crises carry the potential to help us to mature and bring us further to our true self. Especially, if you are in front of, or in a midlife crisis, I can guide you with various tools and extensive experience through the crisis and closer to yourself.

Shamanic Work

If the chemistry between us is right and upon request, there might be an opening for doing some shamanic work together. In most cases that will be some traditional energetic work or clearings. All techniques that have been passed on through many generations.

To remember who you are…
          …you need to forget who they told you to be.