I will build a unique custom made drum, especially for you!  

I am a true multipotentialite and besides my counselling and drumming, I am a gifted craftsman with a really wide range of skills. What I love most and from deep within my heart is to create drums. The drum is a powerful tool that can create amazing effects on people. My drum making is inspired by native Americans, especially from Blackfoot people in Alberta, Canada.

In 2011 I started to build drums myself and I am selling some of them. I developed my own style. Especially my frames are very special, made with much love and skilled craftsmanship. Each of my drums are made with all my love and passion as I guide these wonderful creations into life. I very much like to make drums that are individually, custom made for a specific person. This is why I prefer to talk to a person who wants a drum before I start making it.

Of cause, there is a chance that you can buy one of the few stock drums that I buld from time to time. However, you will have a much better connection to your drum, if I build it custom made and tailored for you personally. This will be achieved by having a longer talk, with the aim to deeply connect. That way I will tune into who you really are and will be guided in the best way when I build your drum.

I build and sell my drums under the brand “Eagledrummer”, which is my name, given to me in the Blackfoot tradition (Native American). If you want to know more about my drums, then please check my separate website: www.eagledrummer.com

If you would like to buy a drum, please write me a message via contact form..

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