The past cannot hurt you – it’s all in your thoughts!

Our subconscious mind controls around 80 to 90 percent of our everyday actions and contains programs which are positive, neutral or even negative. If we get to know these programs, we are able to change them and to live much more happy and balanced.

We all have them, these subconscious programs which are just running after they have been triggered. Many of these programs are trained behavior, actions that we repeat a lot of times and some are set by just a single but significant incident.

Our subconscious memory is something really wonderful and subconscious programs are helping us tremendously in many different situations. The issue is that our subconscious mind is saving everything but does not know the concept of time. When our senses are noticing something, our subconscious mind compares is to its experience. Then, based on that saved experience, it sends (sometimes old and outdated) information to our conscious mind which is then acting out of that experience, no matter how old this experience is.

One base for a balanced and happy life is that we know ourselves as good as possible which includes our darker sides and the subconscious programs that are connected to these. Frequently it’s time to clean out in our subconscious mind, to dust off, to rearrange. Hypnotherapy is a fast and very easy way to do that. In hypnosis we enable the client to reprogram negative subconscious programs or to disconnect them from the triggering action. This way people can live a lot easier and a much happier life.

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