Hypnotherapy is an effective and easy way to get fast result for the client. Already after the first session there will be significant changes to the better. But Kaj was kind of different. Kaj was in a sort of transformation process and came with a diffuse variety of problems, mainly from some negative experiences in his past. It was possible for me to break his problems down to the bone and there was consent about that he was resisting a little too long with the work on improving his life.

The hypnosis part was rather easy since Kaj was pretty relaxed from the beginning on. The therapeutical part was much more difficult since Kaj was so relaxed that he was hardly responding. So this session took a lot longer than other sessions and a success can only occur when the client is cooperating and on this point Kaj was a little stiff. In the end I noticed some smaller signs that Kaj might suffer from an unhealthy lifestyle and probably needs some physical examination so I recommended him to contact a doctor.