New Wildheart-Center website

It’s about spring equinox when nature starts the new cycle in life. Mother earth shows us that there will always come a new day after a dark night and a new spring after a dark winter. This cycle was continuing since millions of years and will continue.

Spring equinox is the time where we put seeds in the ground, seeds to nourish and seeds for new strong plants to grow up. Honestly, we don’t have many seeds in the earth yet, but we put out the seed for something very nice, a nice strong plant to grow. This seed is the new Wildheart-Center website which we had launched at the spring equinox weekend in 2016.

In the fall of 2015 (around the time of the autumn equinox) we saw the time coming that something old has to go and something new has to start. There were two main parts concerned by this.

One was some old stuff in the relationship between Birgitte and me that we needed to let go of, and something new that needed to come in. Honestly, we were struggling quite some time with finding the right way. Short before the spring equinox we filled the gap that the old stuff left, with something new, something wonderful. That’s all we want to say about this.

The other one was the website of Wildheart-Center. We have put a lot of effort into that old page but we felt that it was kind of outdated and we were wishing for something new. So Peter started a longer period of intensive learning about a new system. There were a lot of technical issues to solve and a lot of mistakes to make before the basic structure and design of the website was finished by the end of January. One day Peter killed the work of the whole day by just one false click with the mouse. “No problem”, Peter said, “I have a backup”. And