Handdrum, Shamanic Drum

Example of a genuine Eagledrummer drum of stag hide and a pine frame, 35 cm diameter, handmade by Peter.
Individual custom made handdrum, especially for you and for whatever purpose you like, also for sweatlodge use.
The picture is just a sample picture for your inspiration.
Please note the delivery time of up to 4 months (explanation below)

kr. 1.700,00

You gan get your individual handmade Eagledrummer drum, especially made for you and your needs. You can choose between different materials for the frame, like pine, beech or ash tree. Pepending on the availability you can also choose the hide, which can be cattle, deer, fallow deer or stag. The picture above shows just one random sample of what drum you can get here and if you want to see more inspirations, please take a look at www.eagledrummer.com for many more pictures of drums I made.

For me (Peter) a drum is not a product that one just builds. A drum is a living thing that is given birth in a long process of awareness, presence and respect. Each drum that I make is completely handmade with all my love and passion as I guide these wonderful creations into life.

You as the new owner of a drum I made, will be included in spirit in the whole preocess. All will start with a personal talk that we will have, where I will hear about your intentions and the future use of the drum. Good things take time and that counts for my drums too. I will only work on the drum when the time is right and will only do what wants to be done at that time. This is why the delivery time for a custom made drum can take up to 4 months.

Please note that these drums are living things, not machines. Especially the hides are sensitive to weather, temperature, moist and energies, so it’s sound will variate, depending on the actual condition on the drum. There might even be times when the drum needs some warming up before the sound gets really good. If you take good care of your drum, it will serve you for a long time.

If you want to read more about me and about drum building, please check out my website: www.eagledrummer.com